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You are still poor, but from the last money buy a wide-brimmed hat and a black cape which could be carried as a raincoat, having thrown through a shoulder. You are full of the most impudent hopes for the future. What it?

Meanwhile to thirteen statements put on a table of the clerk the fourteenth increased: the young sculptor Kreytan who is also appointed to compete on a big gold medal decided to adjoin the companions-painters.

Is not present already Kramsky's number. Long ago Fedor Vasilyev left. There is no Perova, Savrasova, Yaroshenko, there is no unsociable and timid Serovo. There is no Levitana with his eyes burning with dark sad fire. There is no noisy good-natured person Kuindzhi and many others.

Founders of Association of mobile art exhibitions did not repeat mistakes of the predecessors. They considered and a heartrending experience of cooperation with philanthropists of various rumors. The object was set the absolutely clear: to create the organization run by members of collective — the artists united by a community of ideological and creative aspirations.

the gold — for the pictures, projects, sculptures set on competition. Received a big gold medal were sent into the account of treasury abroad by pensioners — for six years. Caused a stir in further progress academy awarded a rank of the academician and professor.

You tell nonsenses, without further words professor Basin, the "great Karl's" contemporary differing in that in workshops did not instruct but only lowed, approvingly or osuzhdayushche cut off. — You understand nothing, I also do not want to argue with you.

M. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin, N. A. Nekrasov. Further this gallery constantly was enriched and replenished. The greatest contribution to its creation was made by such remarkable masters of a portrait genre as Perov, Ge, Kramskoy, Repin, Serov.

There you on the first couples will live as in an unrealizable dream. What so many time professor "interpreted to you theories graceful" and that seemed something is unattainable far, it will appear suddenly near you, easily will enter your life.

"That it happened for a general holiday!" ¾ Repin remembered. ¾ In artel as on an exhibition, there were uncountable visitors, young artists and fans are more increasing to watch novelties. Precisely that that live, lovely, expensive was brought and put before eyes!."

He read all this by the basovity rolling voice, holding in one hand on weight paper, and another touching silver tips of akselebent on a breast. Thick general epaulets pokoyno lay on his shoulders.

Eventually, however, became all clearer that ­ — only the first step on the chosen way that begun demands more broad support that it is difficult for small group of enthusiasts to come to broad lands and to make art really available to the people.

You will want to understand this person and to depict him. Somewhere on the bank of the Bay of Naples or on the Florentine small street you will employ the smuglokozhy fellow or ox-eyed "chochara" and at the regular report sent to academy (without it will not send pension!) will send "The Neapolitan boy" or "The girl with a bunch", written by you.

"When all applications were ¾ remembered later quarter of the century of Kramskaya, ¾ we left board, then walls of academy, and I felt at last on this terrible freedom for which we so greedy strove".

One of fourteen "rebels", Zabolotsky, did not leave, remained in a hall, as if wishing to become the witness of the confusion which came there. It stood in a corner, puny and dark-haired, on his face the confused half-smile wandered.

If you showed due diligence and abilities, and also readiness to follow manuals of teachers if to you two silver medals for drawings were awarded in due time, and then and gold for independent composition, to you, to the lucky person, is permitted to compete on a big gold medal now.

But do not quail. Wise professors will explain to you that ugly nature should be corrected what exactly in it consists high purpose of art and that for this purpose and alienate you on training to great masters of antiquity because true, majestic and fine — only there, and all disseminated round you it is insignificant and is imperfect.