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People of modern type in the middle of the Stone Age widely used the same tools, as paleantropa which, on the contrary, in a number of places applied more perfect equipment. Most likely, paleantropa not only borrowed new technology of manufactures of stone tools, but also could improve the.

It were people of average and low height, but with powerful bones and, probably, incredibly strong, an athletic structure. Skulls had them still monkey lines – they had no podborodochny ledge, there was a powerful nadglaznichny roller and a receding forehead. But the brain behind this forehead did not concede modern, on average was even more though frontal and its temporal lobes were usually less developed.

Today very slow rate of the genetic changes made by selection and strong genetic likeness between various human groups is observed, on the one hand. On the other hand, there is a huge variety of cultures and images of lives, very rapid growth of the social changes testifying to the happening cultural evolution of mankind. Therefore it is possible to speak about the leading role of culture in evolution of homo sapiens with confidence.

38 – 48 thousand years ago the paleantrop allocated in subspecies the homo sapiens Neanderthal, replaced other subspecies – the homo sapiens. Sometimes people of modern type designate sapiyentny or simply sapienses.

The earth – the homeland of the person. The human body consists of the same substances and elements, as our planet. The person was generated by fauna in which is a lot of closely related to the person of types till this moment. First of all it is monkeys. One of them are less similar to the person

Modern biologists and anthropologists believe that process of biological evolution of the person as look stopped since emergence of homo sapiens. First of all testifies that fact to it that during this period the brain of the person did not change, his morphological change came to the end.