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Much attention is usually paid to policy of attraction of foreign investments. However the real economic role of foreign investments can be essential only in small economy. Much more important a technological role of investments which serve an active exchange of advanced technologies and methods of the organization of production between the countries. Therefore even the countries which have enough internal resources for investments, go for attraction of investments into the advanced branches. Attraction of foreign investments, thus — the private purpose of the general strategy of stimulation of investments.

We can consider an interest rate in the context of investments and the expected profitability, having made, the following generalization: if the expected norm of net profit (10%) exceeds the size of an interest rate (we will tell, 7%), investment will be profitable. But if the interest rate (we will tell, 12%) exceeds the expected norm of net profit (10%), investment is not favorable.

So, it is impossible to make an unambiguous conclusion concerning, whether it is possible, having increased investments, to achieve steady growth. But one is represented clear: level of investments, and their quality and efficiency of placement that is provided with creation of the favorable environment for investment is important not simply.

to charge to the Interdepartmental commission on reform of the account and financial statements to reconsider already accepted on accounting taking into account results of their examination regarding compliance to the international standards of a financial and to make necessary changes. To oblige the Commission to consider further the prepared drafts of provisions of the account only in the presence of the corresponding positive of the international experts (Committee on IFRS, MTsRSBU);

Overcoming of recession of investments into economy, increase of possibility of development of economic entities in this direction is one of the central problems today. However, support of investments into production did not become the priority direction, acting in economy mechanisms promote derivation of funds for other purposes.

The first consists in definition of the standards based on world experience — how many is per capita spent funds for capital investments in different branches of the social sphere. Proceeding from it it is possible to estimate, in what directions it is observed especially sharp means. A lack of this approach is absence of the accounting of concrete features of the country and complete criterion of distribution of investments for the purpose of receiving the greatest effect.