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With other criterion of allocation of types it is watered cultures basic values, on a cat this or that community is guided in is watered activity or in is watered process. According to it it is possible to allocate three types it is watered cultures.

Orientation of society to these or those regulatory mechanisms acts as one more criterion within is watered systems (the market, the state). Priority use of this or that mechanism in it is watered lives generates types it is watered cultures - market or bureaucratic.

Measures of administrative coercion are applied to persons and bodies concerning which the subject of the administrative power is not higher as subordination and does not possess in relation to them the administrative power.

The state is the collective phenomenon existing in a concrete existential context. Existential character of the state is caused by that fact that the legal order acts on the concrete territory in concrete time. The legal order of a certain state works not eternally and not in all states. Its applicability is narrowed to this territory during this period.

The most in detail this problem is investigated L.D.Voyevodinym. The author successfully combined the name of elements of system of constitutional rights and duties with the basis of the given classification. The scientist allocated the following groups of basic rights, freedoms and duties:

Culture of high civic consciousness. Basic value - the person with his requirements and interests. It is watered system in general and all its structural elements have character. The sense of responsibility for all events is inherent in people, and therefore is high is watered activity of participants watered process.

"Measures of moral influence. They are connected with the insignificant offenses made usually by people incidentally and which do not have any permanent antisocial installations. The prevention and a public censure concern to them.

One of criteria - coherence degree in interaction is watered subcultures in this or that country. On this basis it is possible to allocate two types it is watered cultures: the integrated (uniform) and fragmentary (diverse).

The expiration of prescription found in a stage of judicial proceedings belongs to this category; amnesty if that fact that acts fall under amnesty, is found in a stage of judicial proceedings.