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20 how to be responsible

Having ingeniously foreseen value of division of labor in economic life of society, Platon nevertheless supported restriction of economic activity and preservation of agrarian closed, "self-sufficient" state.

For Platon an ideal system - where each citizen in the interests public whole, does not represent still the personality applying for an individualnua a worthiness and a full autonomy in acts. Its state and civil society are presented in the uniform, homogeneous, complete, not dismembered concept.

For preservation of estates Platon suggests to create a special educational system for descendants of governors and guards. Are the basis for this system musichesky and gymnastic arts. Musicheskoye strengthens spirit and cultivates love for the country, gymnastic strengthens a body and trains citizens for protection of the state. After the end of training in these disciplines proved to be the most knowing and virtuous young men start being trained for activity of governors. They study art of a reasoning and conducting disputes, and then philosophy, the crowning all system of knowledge.