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And, if employees of other branches (the teacher, physicians) can find in some degree to themselves additional work miners, for a variety of reasons, among which both working conditions, and a geographical position of mines have no such opportunity.

The social aspect of the labor conflicts is first of all relationship of social groups and individuals. From the owner layers of businessmen and managing directors participate in him, each of which has difficult social structure. From workers also participate in the conflicts not homogeneous mass, their subject are both the certain worker and labor collective (labor union).

Closely the Kaluga institute of sociology under the leadership of Yu. A. Barklyansky dealt with a problem of the social conflicts. Processes of social tension, a form of its development, a stage of development of process of social tension and a role of the sociologist in the solution of these problems became the main directions of their search

As the most important conclusion of all work it is possible to consider that the labor conflict should not be perceived as soon as the negative phenomenon. If was able to operate it, it can become an element of organizational development of transformations, necessary for society.