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Sociological researches of the last years note that in labor motivation the priority is given not to substantial work, but the work directed on obtaining material benefit. "A big salary" - this motive was solving at a work place choice.

It is shown and in a periodization of a course of life. Ideas of properties and opportunities of individuals of each age are closely connected with existing in the society of age stratification. The chronological age, to be exact – the level of development of the individual assumed by it, directly or indirectly reflects his social standing, nature of activity, the range of social roles, etc. gender and age division of labor in many respects defines a social status, consciousness and level of claims of members of the relevant age group.

Businessmen appear in any field of activity, and each ethnic group can boast of the successful businessmen. In some ethnic groups usually bigger percent of businessmen, than in others, mainly because so far enterprise opportunities were closed for some groups.

Most of young people would like to be engaged independently in business, but only the few do it. From those who is engaged in it. Also few achieve success. However opportunity the successful businessman to become quite real. Chances favor to the one who aspires to the difficult purposes. Such people also, most likely, differ in innovation, assume reasonable risk, are self-assured, hardworking, are able to set the purposes and are responsible.

Readiness for change of nature of activity which is today nearly the main factor of successful employment in the conditions of restructuring of economy, at youth is very high. Only 51,2% of youth work in the specialty which they received in educational institution. From the others a half replaced specialty after experience by the main profession, and a half in general never on it worked, at once having started mastering other specialty.

Contrary to an all-popular belief small business prospers in a shadow of large business. One of researches shows that, as a rule, small productions are more profitable, than the large overworking companies.

The youth is not so much the specific social or demographic group of society which how many is in formation its special part which situation is determined by a social and economic condition of society. Specifics are, first of all, that the youth in social and age status is in a transition state. This transitivity defines:

The age serves as criterion of knowledge or leaving of these or those social roles, and this communication can be both direct, and mediated (for example, time necessary for education without which it is impossible to occupy a certain public situation. In one cases criteria are standard and legal (school age, civil majority, in others – actual (for example, average age of marriage), and degree of definiteness of age criteria and borders in different societies and different fields of activity is very changeable.

Though small business prospers almost in each branch, in some it takes stronger positions, than in others. Requirements of each main group of branches - initial financial investments in the personnel, materials and the equipment define, presence at them of small business will be how steady. If to judge by number of hired workers, small business prevails in three of four main groups of branches: to wholesale trade, retail trade and services sector. Less strong is the position in production, mainly because of the big money necessary to start business.

As one of these conditions the region of residence acts. In Nizhny Novgorod, Tver, Vladivostok, Kaliningrad and other regions with high intensity of private sector development in general and small business in particular, the provision of youth is much better as wide labor market gives opportunity to find suitable work. For example, in Tver the number "safe" and "unsuccessful" appeared almost equally — 15,2% and 15,9% respectively (the others considered the situation "satisfactory"), and in Nizhny Novgorod 30,3% of 11,3% and 29,8%, "unsuccessful" at a ratio, on the massif in general were the share of 21,8% "".

The modern youth possesses such line which shows that the most part from it wishes to have the good income, thus having professions not of desire to work. It occurs because the youth has no incentives to work.