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To understand, what economic behavior of the enterprises in the conditions of the imperfect competition, it is necessary to understand first of all that such imperfect the horse tram - a rention. The markets in which either buyers, or sellers take the ability of the vozdy into consideration - to stvovat on market price are imperfectly

It is unlikely it is possible to consider this competition as perfect, is present at many branches of economy monopolies. Let's take at least city land public transport, it is the indisputable monopolist in the sphere of a deyatelnota, as it

In the conditions of the imperfect competition exist also it is rare the markets, the markets with large buyers where the main conditions of economic behavior on which the enterprises have to equal are created by the large buyer. In this case to concepts

In essence, the monopolistic competition is the perfect competition plus differentiation of production giving to each monopolistic competitor some power over the market as each competitor, can raise slightly the price without losing thus the trada - tsionny buyers. But nevertheless its exclusive power decreases in proportion to number of competitors,

competitors on this action as it in the most important degree will influence profit of firm. For example, if the General Motors corporation is deliberate to raise the price of the cars, she has to expect reciprocal steps of Ford, Chrysler and other rivals, calculating total changes in volume

Possibility of a differetsiation of production puts new and difficult problems of efficiency, sellers have to solve to use accurately what of products to make and what technologies by their production how to carry out advertizing for increase of demand on on the goods.

In many branches there were basic changes. For example, Aeroflot - the monster, being for many years the only company rendering air and transport services broke up to a set of smaller companies that is natural