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Let's consider a scheme operating procedure figure 4 when opening the lock of a door. On the door panel pressing of the SB2 button makes zeroing of the counter DD by the SB1 Button the first figure of a code (the corresponding number of pressing) is gained. At correctly gained figure on a conclusion 6 DD10 appears logical "About" which permits for a set of the following figure.

Transistors can be any of specified on the scheme of a series, a tiristor from the KU101 series with alphabetic indexes G, E, I, it it is also possible on same about the VT1, VT2 transistor. Condensers – K50-3 and KM-6, resistors - MLT, a dynamic head any with the sound coil with a resistance of 4-8 Ohms. The power supply – the rectifier or the battery of galvanic cells of 6 V at loading current not less than 100.

The elements having big dimensions should be placed out of a payment, and to carry out connection an assembly wire. All hinged details usually have on the one hand payments, and printing conductors – on another. On the party of printing conductors should not go beyond fasteners as from this party the soldering is carried out. In some cases it is expedient to apply bilateral installation. Condensers, resistors, crossing points and other hinged details have parallel to a coordinate grid. The distance between cases in parallel of the located details has to be not less 1mm, and distance on an end face – not less 5mm. The centers of openings for installation of hinged details have in points of intersection of a coordinate grid.

We put with paint, a varnish or a special marker positive drawing of the scheme of conductors. The subsequent etching in solution of chloric iron copper from the unprotected sites is removed, and on dielectric the demanded electric circuit of conductors turns out.

The interval of time of a delay of operation is defined by C2-R RC chain For a variation of this time it is possible to use the variable resistor R the VD2 Diode is intended for the instant category of the C2 condenser at the "correct" set of a code and is not obligatory.

Designing of the printed-circuit board is begun with development of the sketch which carry out in the increased scale (2:1, 4:1, etc.). For all elements entering the scheme produce in the same scale templates from a cardboard and will stir in the field of the drawing. After a choice of the best option of their arrangement, put connecting conductors. The printing conductors located on other party of a payment show shaped lines.

Circuit details and printing conductors place on a coordinate grid according to the schematic diagram. Thus it is necessary to use more economically the area of a payment and to avoid crossing by the scheme.

The device can work at change of the feeding tension in wider limits, than it is specified on the scheme, but its size gets out proceeding from necessary for reliable operation of the applied electromagnet. At setting up the scheme selection of face values of the R7 resistor and condenser C can be demanded

According to a number of nominal rates of resistance we will accept value of the Rk resistor of equal 12 megohms. For definition like the resistor we will calculate its power of dispersion on a formula P=I2R therefore as the resistor R it is possible to use the C2-33-0,25-10 12 resistor of Megohm ± 5%

Chemical method at rather simple technological process provide the high durability of coupling of conductors with the basis, uniform thickness of conductors and their high conductivity. Now the chemical method is the main at production of unilateral printed-circuit boards. Shortcomings of this method need for metal plugs at bilateral installation and an unproductive consumption of copper.

Coded locks are rather widely used to restriction of access for strangers to the protected objects. Convenience of use of such locks consists in possibility of both individual, and collective access (pass to service premises, access to left-luggage offices, etc.).

On the image of the printed-circuit board conductors, screens, contact platforms and other printing elements shade. Conductors, which width on the drawing less 2mm., represent the continuous reinforced line equal to about two thickness of the planimetric. The contact platforms adjoining conductors are represented by the continuous reinforced line, do not shade.